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This page is designed for members to have easy access to the most commonly needed forms and documents. Additionally, important member information will be placed here as the need arises.


Current APTA Constitution (MS Word format) or Current APTA Constitution (PDF Format)
Sick Pool Contribution (MS Word format) or Sick Pool Contribution (PDF Format)
Application for use of Sick Leave Pool (PDF Format)
Notification of Leave (MS Word Document format) or Notification of Leave (PDF Format)


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About the above logo...

At the week long LAP workshop during the summer of 2014, our team worked closely with corporate artists brought in by NYSUT to develop a t-shirt logo that represented the solidarity of APTA (One Voice) and also represented the mission of the LAP team to promote Leadership, to develop new Ideas of how APTA can be active in the support of student and families in our school community, as well as continue to build our community relationship; and finally to represent the excellent Education that APTA members provide for the students in our schools.

Our LAP team has worked hard to be make our union Active participants in the APCSD beyond our job descriptions. We are volunteering  our time and raising money to support the school district, families, and community.